Shipyard & Marina

Boat trip

Here we will go to the outer archipelago in large or small boats, all according to your wishes. We go ashore and will be guided around the beautiful Harstena, which takes about 2 hours. If you want to visit any other of all the beautiful islands, then this can be combined. We will customise the excursion for you!

In the wake of the pilots
Here we will be guided around the water of the pilots while we listen to their substantial history. We visit, among other places, Häradsskär, which, with its nice location in the outer archipelago and good fishing, long ago attracted people from the mainland to settled there. They then combined the fishing with pilotage. The trip takes about 3 hours.

Scenic viewpoints
A boat trip in the archipelago where you will go ashore and enjoy the nice views from different scenic viewpoints. Takes about 3 hours.

Seal Safari
The boat will take us out to the seal area, on the way we will pass Harstena and can make a stop there if desired. The grey seal was for a long time an important source of income for the archipelago inhabitants who sold the blubber, the skin and the meat. At Harstena you will learn about the culture and history of how they used to live. Today only protective hunting is carried out. The trip takes about 3 hours. Seal Safari in the archipelago Boat trips in the archipelago

Places to visit
Sweep over the blue markers to see the different places to visit. Zoom with the zooming buttons to the left (+/-) or use the scrolling wheel.

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