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Experience Gryt's Archipelago

Are you longing for some peace and quiet, yet the opportunity to gain new experiences - Welcome to Gryt's Archipelago

Gryt's beautiful natural archipelago is located in the south-eastern part of Östergötland and is considered one of the country's most unspoiled and most beautiful areas, characterised by the greenery of the inner archipelago and the outer archipelago's bare rocky islets.

Here you will find unique and unspoiled nature, with many animal species. There are plenty of desolated islands for swimming, sun and fishing, as well as nice excursions and genuine fishing communities.

Here we will present some gems:


On the outer coast line, you will find Ekön, located on a peninsula with smooth islets to swim from, a pebble beach and fantastic views over the fairway, all the way to Häradsskär. A true family idyll!


The pilots place and the Häradsskär lighthouse is on the furthest point of the eastern coastline and is a well-known fishing spot. Here you will also find Heidenstam's lighthouse from 1863.


A real archipelago idyll, with little red cottages and a history of seal hunting. With its ancient culture and beautiful unspoiled nature, it is a very popular excursion destination for tourists and people with boats.


Here you'll find the remnants of the mining of copper-stone during the 1800's. A unique memory from the east coast's early industrial era.


On beautiful Ämtö in Gryt's northern archipelago you can enjoy a true archipelago summer. Here you also find cabins for rent. You can reach Ämtö by public transport.

Gubbö kupa

One of the finest scenic viewpoints in the archipelago and a nice excursion to view the navigation mark of a cairn, which replaced the signal fire sometime in the beginning of the 1800's

In addition to these, just choose among the 2 900 islands of a total of 8 000 hectares in Gryt's parish!

Want to experience something out of the ordinary? Visit Lilla Vik!

Within walking distance of Gryt's Varv, you will find Karola Messner's and Jan Gillquist's fantastic garden:

"created from the love between two people, but also from the love of a countryside and its people, kind and helpful and last but not least, the love of an area of land with its formations and possibilities "

Only by appointment! 

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Welcome to Karola!

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