Shipyard & Marina

Join Mia and Aliksandra for an incredible experience on their signature retreat. A journey into self-healing for inner radiance, balance & vitality!

What's included

Sharing 1 double room
Full board with healthy, local and fresh meals and "Fika"
An afternoon break with tea, coffee or smoothie.
Transport from Linköping/Norrköping to Retreat Site

Daily Offerings Include:
7 hours of Yoga, Sadhana, Mindfulness Practice, Sound Healing, Relaxation with Essential Oils, Art Yoga, and Creative Practices. Plus extra activities, hiking adventures, everyday sauna, dip in the sea, jacuzzi, surprise outings and evenings with a lot of laughter and sharing!



Sharing double room with bathroom

12-16 September Fully booked!
Price:  8100 SEK per person

12-16 September 
Price: 7900 SEK per person


Sharing double room with sharing bathroom

14-16 September
Price:  4300 SEK per person

14-16 September
Price: 4100 SEK per person

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